How to use CLIK + with Android

How to use CLIK + with Android

So, you’ve just received you CLIK +! If you’re struggling to set up your CLIK + to your Android device or just need a run-through of how to use your new purchase, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s everything you need to know on how to use your CLIK +

Note before starting – please make sure your earbuds are fully charged and that your Bluetooth is turned on

Connect CLIK + to your device

Open your device and go onto Bluetooth menu, then select Mymanu CLIK + and connect. When your device and earbuds are connected you should hear a connection tone.

Wear your earbuds

Insert both earbuds into your ear so that the Mymanu logo is facing upright and the earbuds fit snugly into the concha of your ear. Make sure you are using the correct sized tip on your earbuds for a maximum secure fit. For guidance, please see the image below:

Use your left earbud

The left earbud is the master earbud and controls most functions like play, pause, and translate. A single-tap on this earbud will play/pause music and take/end calls. A double-tap on this earbud will skip your music to the next track and a triple-tap will take you back to the previous track. To use Translate, tap and hold on this earbud.

Use your right earbud

The right earbud is the assistant earbud, controlling volume and your phone’s personal assistant. A single-tap on this earbud will turn your volume up, a double-tap will turn your volume down. To activate Google Now or Bixby, tap and hold this earbud.


Check the charging case level

To see how much charge your CLIK +’s case has, press the small button on the bottom of the charging case. If you Mymanu symbol on the top of the case flashes rapidly, the case is low on battery. If the Mymanu symbol flashes at a slower pace, your case is at 50% charge. If the Mymanu Symbol lights up but does not flash, your case is fully charged.

Charge your earbuds and case

To charge your earbuds and case, insert both earbuds into the case so that the earbuds connect to the charging contact points. Connect the USB cable to a power source and plug the micro USB into the charging case. The Mymanu LED symbol on the top of the case will start glowing to indicate charging, and when fully charged, the symbol will remain lit.

Use Mymanu Translate

To learn how to use the Mymanu Translate app on Android, click here.

Use Mymanu Play

To learn how to use the Mymanu Play app on Android, click here.

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